Take me back there...

Along your journeys there are certain places you visit that touch you deeply for no apparent reason. It's just a vibrating feeling inside you and the sense of connection with something long gone. Sifneiko beach and its surrounding area in Antiparos had this strange effect on me. The first time I saw it was on a windy night - wind so strong you could hardly stand - and although I wasn't able to see much in the dark I felt compelled to go back just the following day. And I will always want go back there...

Father's day

"Quello che è stato torna, bussa alla nostra porta, petulante, questuante, insinuante. Spesso reca un sorriso sulle labbra, ma non bisogna fidarsi, è un sorriso ingannatore. E intanto noi viviamo, o scriviamo, il che è lo stesso in questa illusione che ci conduce."
- Antonio Tabucchi, L'angelo nero

Fotini Masika
The Print Swap

A while ago two of my photos on Instagram were selected to be a part of The Print Swap by Feature Shoot, a brand new way for photographers to collect art and engage with one another around the globe. Winners will both give and receive a print - and part of the fun is that winning prints (made by skink-ink) are mailed randomly. So when I finally received my prints I was taken by surprise by the floral theme! Photos by Virginie Harmon (@adaywithphotographie) "Hope" and Laura Waldman (@found_in_fields) "Hydrangeas of February". Thank you ladies!

Now it remains to be seen who will get my photos...

Night's Interlude © Fotini Masika

Night's Interlude © Fotini Masika

Mellow Yellow © Fotini Masika

Mellow Yellow © Fotini Masika

Fotini Masika
Apartment 11
Lampe De Marseille, Le Corbusier at Bombyx showroom / Photo © Fotini Masika

Lampe De Marseille, Le Corbusier at Bombyx showroom / Photo © Fotini Masika


Apartment 11 is located on the 3rd floor of a modernist building in the centre of Athens, designed by architect Stamos Papadakis in 1933. For ten years it was closed and neglected, but after it's recent renovation by esé Studio Architects recovered it's previous glory. Today is the showroom of Bombyx which features a covetable selection of top established and up-and-coming brands in the fields of furniture, lighting, objects and architectural materials. In the above photo you can see the wall lamp "Lampe De Marseille" designed by Le Corbusier for the Unité d’Habitation, Marseille in 1950, produced by Nemo.

We visited the showroom this Saturday during the 4th OPEN HOUSE Athens event and had the guided tour, but the showroom is open from Monday to Friday 10 to 6, and it is definitely worth a visit!

World Poetry Day

C. P. Cavafy / The Windows (1903)

In these dark rooms my days are burdensome;
and restlessly I wander to and fro
seeking the windows. — For relief will come
if one of them wide open I should throw. —
But none is to be found, or I explore
incapably. And, haply, better so.
Perhaps the light will be one trouble more.
Who knows what novel things the light will show. 

Translated, from the Greek, by J. C. Cavafy. Ikaros, 2003

And I feel just like a child...

This is one of my very first photos taken last summer and although it's a little blurred -I took it while we were driving- is one of my favourites. We were heading back home, after a great day spent in the sea. It was this magic hour of the day when the sun goes down and everything feels magical. A flash back to my childhood summers!

I am really happy that The Photo Motel liked it too and shared it on Instagram. Go check their feed, definitely worth it!!!

Modern traces

This little fella was a random discovery of last weekend's photography stroll. Sitting in front of an apartment building entrance, out in the street literally, it made me smile. There was no inscription on it or any mark to indicate who made it and when, but it looks modern!

Roses are red

He waited in the cold winter afternoon. Fifteen minutes, anxious. Thirty minutes, pissed off. One hour, despaired. One hour and a half, self-pity. After two hours and several cigarettes he tossed the flowers in the nearby trashcan. He left in no hurry.

In or Out?

I wanted to post this photo a long time ago, since the very moment I took it! But for some reason I kept on postponing it, thinking that it would not fit in my instagram feed. We people, sometimes, are full of s...t! The point is to take photos because you want it, because you like it, because you have fun doing it. Be free and don't constrain yourself, otherwise the game is lost!

So I put aside all my silly worries and present you Eva Isleifs at her studio in A-Dash, an artist-led initiative in Athens, Greece.

Thank you dear Eva for giving me the chance to take my very first portrait!