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World Poetry Day

C. P. Cavafy / The Windows (1903)

In these dark rooms my days are burdensome;
and restlessly I wander to and fro
seeking the windows. — For relief will come
if one of them wide open I should throw. —
But none is to be found, or I explore
incapably. And, haply, better so.
Perhaps the light will be one trouble more.
Who knows what novel things the light will show. 

Translated, from the Greek, by J. C. Cavafy. Ikaros, 2003

And I feel just like a child...

This is one of my very first photos taken last summer and although it's a little blurred -I took it while we were driving- is one of my favourites. We were heading back home, after a great day spent in the sea. It was this magic hour of the day when the sun goes down and everything feels magical. A flash back to my childhood summers!

I am really happy that The Photo Motel liked it too and shared it on Instagram. Go check their feed, definitely worth it!!!

In or Out?

I wanted to post this photo a long time ago, since the very moment I took it! But for some reason I kept on postponing it, thinking that it would not fit in my instagram feed. We people, sometimes, are full of s...t! The point is to take photos because you want it, because you like it, because you have fun doing it. Be free and don't constrain yourself, otherwise the game is lost!

So I put aside all my silly worries and present you Eva Isleifs at her studio in A-Dash, an artist-led initiative in Athens, Greece.

Thank you dear Eva for giving me the chance to take my very first portrait!